2 Bathroom Wine Glass Holder Options For A Relaxing Bath!

If you’ve been looking forward to sipping your wine in case you unwind while in the bath, but were held back due to lack of wine glass holders, you can rectify that right here. We bring two of the most popular bathroom wine glass holder options to check out. We will look into both these products in depth shortly, but first, here’s a quick look at them both.

Both our recommendations have been guided by price range, customer opinions, and of course, ratings on Amazon. So the one thing you can be sure of is quality, as to everything else – like price and customer feedback – you can look them up right here. So let’s get down to the products, starting with the most expensive option first.

# 1  Taymor Ultimate Bathtub Caddy, Chrome

The first thing to mention is that this adjustable and therefore customizable wine caddy can be the perfect way to create your unique bathing experience. In fact, this caddy comes in chrome and expands to 38 inches wide, and so will fit even a large bathtub. And don’t worry about your bathtub getting scratched, as the ‘protective vinyl coated grips’ ensure your bathtub suffers no scratches.

And here are the features that you’d be more interested to find out:

  • This caddy includes a lot of attachments that you can add as per your needs.
  • Plus, it comes with various accessories – a wine glass holder, a reading rack, a reversible mirror, and a votive or taper candle holder.
Also, we learnt a lot more about this caddy from the customer reviews left on Amazon:

  • Most customers were impressed with the accessories, and some did say that the mirror is not really necessary…but these accessories are adjustable, so you can simply skip using the mirror.
  • But the wine glass holder, the candle holder and the book stand were highly appreciated – especially since they take your bathing experience to a new level altogether!
  • Plus, if you were worried about maintenance – let’s just tell you that the unit itself is very sturdy. And you need just wipe down the rack with a dry cloth, and your wine caddy will look as good as new again.
  • Finally, a few customers who reviewed this said they were given as gifts – and indeed, this makes for a very unique gift idea as well.
The first thing to note about this particular wine glass holder? The suction cup base – this unique base ensures that the caddy will remain firm when placed on any slick surface – the bathtub, or even the counter, or the sun deck of your boat!

Additionally, the rack is for stemware glasses which are generally top heavy, and tend to tip over at the slightest. Therefore, no matter where you place this, there’s no chance of your wine glass, or your wine bottle slipping, breaking and making a mess.
Plus, here are the additional features that will help you make your decision about purchasing this-

  • This unit makes for a very good decorative piece on your countertop when not in use. Also, it can be an incredibly good gift item.
  • The rack fits most stemware glasses, so that won’t be an issue.
  • And, you can remove two of the glasses and use votive candles in their place to make the atmosphere in the bath even more pleasant and relaxing.
  • While this does lack the accessories – book holder for instance – that you got with the first option, this one is a lot cheaper. And, you could always buy the stainless steel bottle cooler along with this unit to make a complete set.

With this we wrap up our recommendations for bathroom wine glass holders, and we hope that you find what you need. After all, these wine caddies have pleased so many others before you, and so there’s every reason to think that they will impress you too!


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