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Wine Gift Boxes: Customize It With These Great Wine-Related Gift!

Wine makes for a great gift – it can come in various price ranges, so budgets can be met. It is also a very versatile gift – giving the right message at various different dos. However, for some people they like to carry wine gift boxes to the do rather than toting just a bottle. Do you totally identify with this? If yes, then you are at the right place!

Now, there are many such box sets available at various stores – specially designed as gifts. But unfortunately, not all of them meet the standards of someone with a good eye. When you are giving a gift to a close one, and you spent a bit on the wine buying a good vintage, you want the accompanying stuff to also be top class. And so, we have brought you an alternate option - make your own gift box! 

And to that end we have brought you 4 top wine related products that you can consider to go with the actual bottle. You can choose multiple, or just one – the choice is up to you!

So, to start…

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter
This is an absolute bestseller on Amazon. In fact, being this useful for such a nominal price, you can consider getting yourself one too!

It needs to be charged, but once fully charged it is good for about 30 bottles! And all that trouble getting the manual corkscrew into the cork and then getting the cork out – can just be bypassed with this smart little electrical contraption that does it in mere seconds!

It sure is one great gift to give – especially considering that it doesn’t cost quite as much as you’d think!

And it looks pretty good too – so your friend (or even you) will feel pretty nice having this sitting pretty on the bar top! And they will surely thank you for it.

But we think you should hear about just how great a product this is from actual reviewers. And so are the basic points from the reviews:

  • Being electronic, it is obviously much easier to use than a regular corkscrew.
  • It can be used for extracting any kind of cork – European, American or synthetic.
  • It does a fine job of uncorking a bottle of wine – minus any accidents.
The reviews – most of them at least, are honest ones. In fact, if the 2000+ reviews on Amazon are anything to go by, this is going to be a great buy for a great price.

So much for the wine bottle opener, that isn’t all there is to do with wine that we can think of! Say it is a really close friend and you are thinking of giving you not one but 2 bottles of wine. You can just go with the bottle, or you can consider this next gift that we are featuring… 
Picnic Time Britannia-Carnaby Street Insulated Dual-Bottle Wine Tote
This is the ideal gift for couples who go out for day picnics or campfire nights and like their wine with them. It even allows them to carry two bottles at a time – so they aren’t likely to run out of wine!

In fact, it would also seem like a great idea for those wanting to have both the rosso & bianco on hand. Since they can safely and easily carry both bottles, they can actually take along their variation.

The bag comes with space for all the things you will generally need with the wine bottles on the go – cheese carrier, space for the cork opener, the foil cutter, and even the napkins.

Plus it is made of polyester – so durable and easy to keep clean. Also the ergonomic design ensures easy carriage.
In fact, it is the ideal gift to gift to couples who are the outdoorsy type – and you know would like to have their wine along. And as is clear from almost all the customer reviews, that is exactly what most buyers had in mind!

So, if you are gifting them the wine, why not give them the idea of taking that outdoor trip as well – it is going to be a great way for a couple to get to know each other better. And when they come back happy, you have some credit to take, don’t you! 

That was about a gift that helps people to carry their wine along. But the thing is that they will need to keep the bag right in front of the AC vent in the car if they want to have their wine cool. Because when people travel, the wine that was cold is sure to go warm over time. But what if you could give a gift that protects the bottle and also keeps it cool? Well, check out our next option to add to your Wine gift boxes:

This is like the ultimate! A traveling wine cooler (okay, the wine needs to be cool to start with, but it is still a cool contraption)!

This is actually a set of 4, so they can be used for 4 bottles of wine, or wine and even some water or soda. The set comes in these 4 cute and stylish patterns that most people are going to love!

And even as you can put in your gift bottle of wine in one of these holders, you can pack the rest into your ‘gift box’.

They are made of durable material – 100% polyester on the outside and 100% polyethylene insulating layer inside. And as a result they are also very easy to keep clean and looking like new, even over time! 

The other great part is that these actually fold up into small little things for easy storage or carriage. Say they used it to carry the bottle, but once the wine is gone, they may not need it. But then they can unobtrusively just pack it into the picnic basket and they are good to go!

And what’s more, these cute wine insulators come in sets of 4 – so even if you gift one for two at a time, there will be more for later. 

And of course, after you get the set and you fall in love with it – you could always just keep a couple for yourself and give away one or two – with or without wine bottles in them!

And finally we come to our 4th gift in the array. This can make for a good gift for those who open quite a few bottles of wine in a month and like to store those cute little corks. You do have cork collectors – and this is going to make one of them very very happy! So let’s check it out…

The thing is not just function, but extremely beautiful to look at! In fact, the metal object with the multicolored glass accents at places can be quite a conversation starter in a party where the wine is flowing freely!

So you will actually be gifting them something extra – something that fits their hobby but also doubles up as part of the décor.

It is made of metal and is very durable and well built. In size too, it is quite impressive being big enough to hold roughly 150 or even more at a time! The entire assembly stands at about 15 inches high and 10 inches in girth.

To add or remove the corks you just need to open the hinged ‘door’ or lid on the top. 

If this is the one you are indeed considering for your friend, then do check out what reviews of the product revealed:

  • The barrel with its intricate pattern is a sight for sore eyes – and it surely going to hold pride of place in any wine connoisseurs home – so it will be an appreciated gift.
  • Also it is made well – so even for its economical price, you get a gift that people will actually treasure.
  • And of course, if you so desire – as a customer did – you can always place a good vintage in the barrel itself when gifting!
A great alternate use idea for this cute little gift, isn’t it? So just put the bottle you bought into it and then gift it to you friend! And you will have given them a keepsake for life!