3 Picks For Top Plastic Wine Glasses: Looks And Utility

When you think about wine glasses at large parties, especially outdoor ones, you are immediately filled with a sense of apprehension. Because wine glasses – especially ones with stems – are delicate things. All they need is for one absent-minded graze by someone – and they can easily lose balance and topple over. And when a glass ‘glass’ topples over – breaking is inevitable. But wait… What if the ‘glass’ wasn’t made of glass? What if you were using classy plastic wine glasses? So, it could be some expensive vintage spilled, but it will not be a valuable ‘glass’ shattered – and the potential damage that poses to unprotected feet and hands.

And today you are going to find 3 beautiful plastic wine glass creations to use at your parties!

And now you can look at each of these utilitarian ‘glasses’ one at a time…

Polycarbonate Cabernet, Wine Glasses Set of 4_ Shatter Proof Wine G

This first set is the most fancy of the lot. As you can tell, they are made of clear plastic, but for embellishment, the stem and the rim of the glass are made of translucent silver plastic. Overall, the look is very modern and elegant. And that obviously means, even though you serve the wine in plastic glasses, they look just as great as real glasses!

Now this set of glasses is possibly the most expensive, since a set of 60 costs almost $50. But for the look you get, that isn’t really too high a price to pay!Enter your text here...

Now, talking of the plastic grade – it is very good quality plastic, and completely free pf BPA. So bottom line is that it is safe to drink wine in these glasses. And not just that – these are also designed in such a way that they may be light, but they are very steady on their wide base. This also decreases the chance of accidents. 

As for the opinion amongst customers, these appeared to some as if they were made of crystal. And that is saying a lot when you are talking about plastic glasses! You can go ahead and check out the other testimonials before going ahead and ordering.

So, if these seem like the glasses you want for your guests, then just go ahead and place your orders at Amazon!

But these glasses are disposable – and you will most likely not be using them more than once. And understandably, you may want a set of glasses that are less fancy and also less expensive. And with that in mind, here’s the next item on this list…

Party Essentials Hard Plastic Two Piece 5.5-Ounce Wine Glasses, Clea

These, as you can tell from the pictures, are very basic plastic glasses. They are disposable ones – and most people would throw them out after one or two uses. However, these glasses come in two parts that fix together to make a solid and balanced structure. 

Also the two-piece design makes storing these after a party that much easier. In fact, these come from a party supplies manufacturer having over 25 years of experience, and predictably, they are well built for the purpose.Enter your text here...

Again, coming to safety, these are made of high quality plastic and are completely safe for use with edibles. 

Look wise too, these may be basic, but they look pretty impressive even then. And the greatest highlight about these is the price. You actually get a set of 50 of these glasses for under $20! And that is saying something. 

In fact, most people who ordered these were expecting much inferior stuff for that price – but were quite pleasantly surprised with the actual quality and make! You can check out real testimonials if you click here. And after careful consideration, if these are indeed the ones you want… then yet again, Amazon is there at your service!

And finally, both the above items were single use, disposable glasses. And likewise, they were available in packs of 50 and 60 and in this case, even hundred. But if you were looking for something a bit more elegant – and reusable, then this next item is just the thing to check out!

60pcs Plastic Wine cups, Disposable , clear w_ silver base and rim_

This set sounds different AND looks different right at the outset. Firstly, unlike the bulk quantities of the first two items, these are a set of just 4 – much like regular wine glasses made of glass. Also, notice that they only send you 4 in a set and charge you about the same price for that as the bulk quantities of the first two glasses. This obviously means that these glasses are reusable and will last you for many a party or wine drinking session. And that is something that is actually proved by the reviewers who have left favorable reviews after buying this product! 

These glasses actually look so deceptive that they can easily be mistaken for crystal! And yet, at the end of the day, these are actually made of polycarbonate – a plastic material that is safe and highly durable!

As for safety, these glasses are also made to serve you safe and unadulterated wine – without affecting its taste and look. And that is not all – being completely dishwasher safe – these are a lot more convenient than your regular wine glasses!

In fact, as customers have put in repeatedly – these won’t even chip or crack, let alone shatter. And that is in spite of all the rough usage! Click here to read the actual reviews.

And considering that you get the luxury of regular glass wine ‘glasses’, but without the hassle and for such a reasonable price – this is one set you shouldn’t let go of!

So you see – when you do start to consider plastic wine glasses, you are actually spoiled for choice! There are both reusable (dishwasher safe) ones, as well as single use and throw ones available in the market. Now, all that’s left for you to do is decide which ones you want and then place your orders – Amazon will take care of the rest so you can have a worry-free party or picnic next time!


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