Wine Chill Drops: Find The Most Convenient One Here!

Wine chill drops are the most convenient accessory to gift to a wine connoisseur. Say you are going with the customary bottle of wine – and you want to add on an accessory to match – these wine chiller-cum-pourers are just your thing! They not only help to pour the wine – but they also keep the wine cool!

And we have brought you the world’s best product right here! So, no more surfing through long lists and checking out product after product. Just click on this one link – and you will have found one of the best products!


And with that decided, let’s now take a look at the product in a little greater detail, before we send you to the online shopping giant Amazon, shall we?

Well, this is basically where we tell you why we chose this, or in other word’s why it has been rated the best in the world…

Wine Chiller: BlizeTec 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Cooler Stick with Aerator and Pourer

If your wine lover friend likes his wine chilled, then they probably make it a point to keep their wine bottles in the fridge. But say they are traveling outdoors and they take the bottle out and open it. What happens to the bottle of wine? It just goes warm. But here is this ‘wand’ – a magic wand, if you look at it that way. 

Now if you were just gifting it to yourself, even better! At the amazing price at which you get it, it really is a great idea.

As for what exactly this 'wand' does, here are the functions:

  • Firstly, it works as a pourer, so, no more wine dribbling down the side of the bottle after pouring. This makes it a perfect and clean pour, each time.
  • Some people like their wine to be slightly aerated, and as you know, aerated wine costs more. But when you use this, the aeration is done by the cooler stick itself, and you pay nothing extra per bottle!
  • And of course, the stick is a mini and transportable cooler. Just insert it into the bottle and leave it in to cool the wine. As long as there is wine in the bottle, the stick will keep it cool – and even outdoors, you will always get chilled wine!

Now how does it work? Well, you must leave the wand in the freezer for a few hours prior to using it. But thereafter, when you use it, it leaves your wine cool.

But all that manufacturers’ information you can get anytime on Amazon. What you will really need to ‘look for’ are the actual experiences from people who have bought it with their money and used it. After all, you get the real picture only from them. And for that reason, we went looking through the customer reviews, and here is what we found:

  • One person used it at a dinner party – and ended up with more than just cool wine! It made quite a few heads turn, and a number of guests were also pretty envious because of just how efficient the thing was! Now there is one person who sure knows what to buy as gifts for those friends!
  • Also, the whole thing is not just easy to clean and prep, it is also super easy to use – just take off the cap of the wine bottle, and screw this on in place.
  • If you have quite a lot of parties where you have wine flowing like water, it is suggests you keep more than one of these in your freezer. And considering how pocket friendly they are – that will just not be a problem!
Again, there is a lot more to be found even in the customer reviews, and if you are interested, you can check those out too.


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